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Learn About Healthy Minds Consulting

The relationship between learning and mental health is often overlooked. When children are not able to access sufficient educational services and supports, their self-esteem and confidence suffer. Students with learning disabilities (or more accurately, learning differences) need to be taught using teaching strategies that are geared to their individual learning styles.

Likewise, children with mental health difficulties often struggle in school. Many mental health issues affect children’s ability to concentrate, organize their thoughts and belongings, make decisions, and socialize effectively. Symptoms such as these interfere with children’s ability to progress academically and socially.

Early and consistent intervention is essential for children with learning, developmental, physical, or mental health needs. Ensuring children receive effective and timely services, provides them with the support they need to maintain healthy self-esteem and be successful at school and in life.

Understanding the developmental stages a child is going through greatly improves parents’, teachers’, and other service providers’ ability to respond effectively to children’s needs. This awareness ensures children have everything they need to develop into happy, healthy, productive adults.

Healthy Minds Consulting was established to meet these needs.