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What people are saying about the Healthy Minds Consulting Team:

Feedback from Parents: 

“Kelly really helped make a difference in my son’s education.”

“She has helped me to be able to communicate better with the teachers and make my child feel more comfortable in class.”

“Denise’s sensitivity in providing feedback to my husband and me was admirable.”

“Kelly is very caring and knowledgeable. It is a great relief to have her hold your hand through the overwhelming IEP process. Her presence definitely kept the entire IEP team ‘on their toes’ and, I believe, more open to providing my son the services he needed. She cared for my son as if he were her own, and the whole process was easier emotionally, knowing she was looking out for all our best interests. Thank you, Kelly, for all your help and support.”

“She somehow had a way of making our son (and each child in the room) feel valued and special.”

“Everyone [in the classroom] worked very well under Denise’s supervision.”

“Kelly is patient, kind and resourceful, and is very helpful when you face huge challenges.”

“Kelly helped make sure the language and comments in the IEP reflected my child’s best interests.”

“I don’t know what I’d do without her!”

Feedback from Mental Health Professionals:

“Kelly advocates strongly for her clients by helping them navigate the complicated school bureaucracy. She uses a unique blend of qualities that include awareness, knowledge, warmth, and sensitivity to advocate for her client’s unique educational needs. She has great experience working with diverse populations and clients who have a wide range of educational needs.”

“Kelly is very helpful in assisting clients in navigating the school system and solving problems.”

“Denise has a gift in being able to connect with and guide children, which allows for great growth for the child.”

“Kelly is very professional & thorough in her work. She is detail-oriented and knowledgeable about the educational process.”

“Kelly is highly informed and knowledgeable, as well as intuitive, highly attuned and empathetic, which helps when attempting to navigate such a confusing and daunting system. Her style is very personable and contact with her always feels empowering.”

“Denise demonstrates an ability to communicate openly and honestly with parents.”

“Kelly is very helpful in assisting clients in navigating the school system and solving problems.”

Feedback from Schools:

“Denise is able to utilize interventions that foster positive change.”

“Denise identifies specific goals and interventions when working with [the special needs] population.”

“Denise’s clinical competence is excellent! She demonstrates clinical knowledge and excellent decision making skills. Denise enjoys working with a multi-disciplinary team, and utilizes every opportunity to consult when she has questions about a specific case.”

“[Kelly is] the best advocate I’ve ever worked with. It’s nice to work with someone who is not adversarial.”

“Denise’s education and experience in early childhood education comes through in the activities.”

“Her notes are detailed and insightful in describing a client’s behavior and response to intervention.”

“Denise understands the difference between a mental health and a behavior problem, and how treatment differs as a result. She is also a very effective advocate for transitioning a child to kindergarten.”